Friday, January 14, 2011

An alternative Option to preserve our heritage

Equal Birth Rights for European Dads AND MOMS.

 Let us strive to achieve "Equal-Parenting" beyond the custodial issue.
Shared Custody without stipulation, and regardless of circumstance.

Most importantly:
In the future, more options should be made available for the European Peoples;
in an effort to preserve our genetic identity.
This can be achieved by using Technological Advances; such as Laboratory Fetal Development & genetic copying. As well as, methods which are currently undiscovered.

We shall not relent until these goals are fully met.
And, it must be done, for which all future generations shall benefit.

So, there you have it.  Short but effective.
All European Peoples should take note of this material.
The future survival of our culture and heritage depends upon it.
We cannot win this fight through conventional breeding methods alone.
IT requires something more.  Something revolutionary.
Let's explore the possibilities.   Please listen to this advice.


Currently, European/Caucasians are the only ethnic group who's being discouraged from giving births.  While "New World Order" advocates encourage the expansions of all other peoples.  They are attempting to diminish the presence of [white people].  This requires Drastic action.   We can find alternative methods of increasing our populations.

This article was originally written as a statement for Fathers.
But we might try regarding this as a realistic way to preserve our heritage.

Suppose that some European guy was forced to marry an Asian lady.
He'd rather marry the girl next door.
But unfortunately, she's been thoroughly brainwashed by The Media Elite.
Now, what if there was another alternative.
Could new technologies produce a child with his physical likeness?
Rather than being forced to marry afar ?
It's a possibility which should be investigated further.]

This might seem like utter Science-fiction.
When considering that our Politicians are already Playing God with us;
the rules have changed.
There's a deliberate attempt to engineer a New World order;
both in Society and Genetics.

So, this entitles our people to retaliate using equally bold ideas.
And, the possibility of preserving Europeans through laboratory methods.
All options must be considered.
why should this be considered too extreme ?

Is it any worse than the deliberate attempts to dilute our culture?

SO, please keep an open-mind.

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